Sundays at St. James'

Join us each Sunday for our morning service at 10:30am. A great place to connect with God and each other. Families are always welcome and groups for children take place during most morning services. There is a creche area within church catering for pre school children.

Once a month we have a communion service at 9am followed by All Age worship at 10:30am. Then there are our 2 monthly evening services, each with a different feel to a Sunday morning; 'Making Space for God' and 'Breathe'.

Not to mention our communal meal, 'Jimmy's Kitchen'.

Please see below for more details.

What to expect

FAQ's about our Sunday morning service

Making Space for God

A deep dive into growing in the Spirit


A contemplative service with space for reflection and worship

Jimmy's Kitchen

Our monthly time of fellowship whilst sharing a meal together

Gathered worship update

We will continue to worship together each Sunday at 10.30am.

We encourage you to continue to use hand sanitiser and face coverings in the building as we believe it is our Christian duty to be responsible for one another.


We ask that you still consider wearing a face covering for this.